How to Build Your Grenadier!

Step 1

Click "Build Your Grenadier" to choose your model version: Base, Trial Master, or Field Master.

Step 2

Configure your selected Grenadier, customizing the powertrain, exterior, interior, and utility.

Step 3

Review your choices.

Step 4

Sign up and create an account on the Ineos Grenadier website.

Step 5

Verify your account as needed.

Step 6

Choose your location based on your address or postcode.

Step 7

Provide your phone number and answer questions as required.

Step 8

Request a quote for your configured Grenadier.

Step 9

Dealerships will contact you to confirm details and alignment with your preferences.

Step 10

Once confirmed, your customized Grenadier can enter production.

That’s it! You’ve successfully navigated from the Mossy INEOS Grenadier dealership to build your own Grenadier on the main Ineos Grenadier website and initiated the production process.

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